Does a customer have to create a personal account in our website page before placing the order?

No, our customers need not have a personal account on our webpages before placing an order. We however advise customers to open an account so that we can get full information about them which would be important when processing orders. Opening an account also does help our professionals to offer advice to our customers.

Can a customer buy a frame without lenses?

Yes, a customer can buy just a frame without lenses.

How can I know which lens material to choose and which material would be the best for me?

The material of the lenses which would be ideal depends on the given prescription by the optician. We would recommend plastic lenses for the prescribed range of +/-1.75 and polycarbonate lenses for persons whose prescriptions range from +/-2.00 to 4.00.

Why am I not comfortable with my progressive lens?

If it is your first time to wear them, you may take more time to adjust. This is because your brain and eyes need some time to adjust to the various powers of the lenses. If this problem has been with you for a long time we advise you to visit us to check at your prescriptions or visit your optometrist.

Is there any different between progressive lenses and bi-focal?

Progressive lenses offer 3 viewing zones and they provided more natural visions than bi focal lenses. Bifocal lenses on the other hand offer two types of different zones which are used for viewing: the upper part is used for distance while the lower lenses part is for reading. We normally recommended the progressive lenses.

Can the product be returned after I purchase?

Once your purchase the product, a customer has a seven day trial period. Before expiry of this period, a customer can return the product. After the seven days window period expires, the customer can only return the product in accordance with our return policies.

What are the recommended ways to clean my glasses?

A soft material is recommended for cleaning your glasses. Use of warm water together with soap is also advisable. We discourage the use of hard materials and it is very important that one be very careful when cleaning. In case of any accident during cleaning, we recommend you visit us for repairs.

How do I maintain my glasses cleanliness?

To ensure your glasses are clean, it is recommended that one should avoid touching the lenses with dirty, hard or greasy hands. The glasses should also be kept in their cases when not in use.

Can glasses be adjusted to fit better?

Customers are advised to ensure they order the right sizes, adjusting of glasses might end up damaging them. Our website does provide the steps which will guide you to ensure you choose the correct size. We advise our customers to visit our website to ascertain how to measure their right sizes. In case you cannot do so yourself, contact us and we shall ensure you get the right sizes.

Can I exchange my product with another product of higher price?

A customer may choose to exchange one product for another one of a higher price. However the difference will be charged on the customer.

Would the customer be liable for any damages during delivery?

A customer shall not be held liable for damages during delivery and if upon delivery of the product is damaged or not in the right condition, we do advise the customer to return the product for exchange.

What is the warranty period for the products?

The period of warranty does differ among different products. Customers are advised to go through our warranties to understand different period warranties for different products.

Will my private information be disclosed to a third part without my consent?

We value customer confidentiality and we have a policy not to disclose customer details to third parties. Information obtained from customers is only used for processing their orders. However, we may provide such customer information to authorities in accordance with the laws.

Does the warranty cover wear and tear?

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or accident. The warranty only covers manufactures damages.

Do you offer discounts on the products you stock?

We offer discounts on all our products. We advise customers to check out web page to see the current products with discounts. Discounts are offered on different periods of time.

Are the prices fixed?

The prices of the products are set at a fixed rate. Our prices are also quite competitive compared with those of our competitors.

Are all products of appropriate quality?

We do not compromise on the quality and every product we sell is guaranteed to be of appropriate quality.

Do you advise on the frames before customer can purchase?

We advise customers on the best frames to suit their face and skin tone. Our website does also provide a guide on the recommended frames for different faces and skin tones. We advise customers to contact us if they cannot determine the best frames on themselves.

What is the mode of payment?

We accept different modes of payment and different credit cards. We advise our customers to visit our website for more information on the means of payment. We do assure customers that our means of payment are secure to use. We also recommend that customers only use the recommended modes of payment.

Do you have different sizes of frames?

We stock different sizes of frames and lenses. We provide different services to different people and this has necessitated us to have products for everyone. Customers are welcome to visit us and sample our products. We also stock products to suit children.

Do you prescribe glasses?

We have a team of professionals who can prescribe the right glasses to wear. We also have stylists who will ensure you maintain a classy look even with glasses on. Our fashionist will also ensure your frame does blend well with your different colours.

Do you charge delivery cost?

We charge £3.99 for delivery for all our products to our customers according to our delivery policies. However certain deliveries as indicated in the policy shall be charged on the customer. We advise customers to read our delivery policy before placing the order.

Is online purchase reliable?

We receive thousands of orders from different clients online. Every order shall be processed within the shortest duration possible. Most of our customers do call us back with thank you notes for the reliable services that we offer them. Our online purchase is reliable and it has been proven to be so by our customers. You don’t have to worry when purchasing online because it is as good as visiting our physical shop.

Does it take long before receiving a product ordered online?

Once a customer has placed on order and the order is approved and payment received, the delivery will be within the shortest duration possible. The duration before receipt of the product will be determined by the distance and if there is a delay in receiving the payment.

Can a customer can change the delivery schedule?

A customer can change the delivery schedule but this has to be in accordance with our policies. At times a customer may be required to pay extra fee for the changes. We advise customers to check our change policy before asking such changes or to contact us.

Do the warranties cover damages after use of the product?

The warranties do not cover any damages which result out negligence of the user.

Can a customer change the product after use of the product?

A customer can change the product at any stage even after delivery of the product and after a reasonable period of use if not satisfied with the product. However, any return of the product is subject to our terms and conditions. Our customers are advised to review our policies on return of products.

When does ownership pass?

Ownership of the product passes after delivery of the product. Where a customer may require the product to be delivered to another destination, the ownership shall be considered to have passed and the customer will be responsible for any damages that may occur in the course of such transit.

Do you charge extra for international delivery?

Our deliveries are charged at £3.99 within the UK. We are however expanding to other areas outside the UK to ensure we are able to offer our service to as many people as may be possible. We advise customers to check our web page to ascertain our areas of operation and the cost we charge to deliver in other areas outside the UK.

Are prices inclusive of taxes?

All of our product prices are inclusive of taxes. However where additional taxes need to be paid according to different laws of the different countries we supply to, our customer’s are expected to pay these taxes.

Can the customers make use of information on this page for personal use?

The information on this page maybe used for persona use and the customers are authorized to download it for such purposes. However this information should not be used for financial gain. It will be breach of copyrights to use any information on this page for financial gain without our consent or authority.

Is the customer bound by the terms of this webpage?

Every customer who uses this page or places and order with us is considered to have read and understood the terms and conditions and this page and therefore bound by them. We are bound by these terms when trasacting business with our customers. We advise our customers and visitors on this site to read and understand these terms before engaging with us.

When is payment made?

Payment should be made after order but before delivery. Delivery of the ordered products is only made after payment has been received by us. We do not take any responsibility for any payment that is made contrary to our modes of payment and therefore urge customers to ensure that they use the recommend means of payment.

Can money once paid be refunded?

Once money has been received, it can be refunded if the customer cancels the order or if delivery of the order fails to reach the recipient on in case where the customer intends to change the product with other that is not currently available. However, when refunding the money an administration fee shall be charged. The administration fee is usually adjusted from time to time and we would therefore advise customers to visit our webpage to determine such fees.

Can terms and conditions be varied?

We reserve all the rights to vary these terms and to add on other terms at any time. We therefore advise our customers to frequently visit our web page and review our terms and conditions.

Is the information provided on this page accurate and reliable?

We have taken reasonable care to ensure any information provided on this site is accurate and reliable. However, there may be some errors in the information given. Where such errors occur, necessary corrections will be made once discovered. We do review the information provided on our page regularly for purpose of adding more information and to correct any errors. We do undertake that to the best of our knowledge the information given on this page is reliable.

What is the type of my face and the best frame for me?

It is easy to tell the type of your face by looking yourself up in the mirror to determine your face characteristics. After understanding your face, we recommend you visit our page and match those features with our face guide; if you find it difficult to determine your face type with our guide, you can call us for more information.

Who has the right to vary the terms?

We do have the right to vary any term of use provided on this page without giving prior notice. No other party has the right to vary the terms of use of this site. If the terms are varied, they do not affect past contracts buy they shall affect any future contracts entered.

Can the rights and duties in this contract be attached to another party?

The customer has no right under this contract to transfer any liability arising out of this contract to another party unless in accordance with an existing law. The contract created binds us, you and our representative or agents.

Does the information in this site seek to replace optometrist’s advice?

No. The provided information in this web page is not optometrist’s diagnosis and should therefore not be seen to seek to replace any optometrist’s advice given to our customers. The aim of this page is solely to provide information of general nature.