Terms and Conditions

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to ensure and establish fair and reasonable standards of interaction with our customers, consistent with our business code of practice.

We advise our customers to read the following terms and conditions before transacting with us to ensure they understand theirs and our obligations.

It is also important to note that we reserve the right to update these terms and conditions and they can therefore be updated from time to time without prior notice.

We therefore advise our customers to frequently review these terms from time to time or every time they wish to contact with us.

Once you place an order with us, it is considered that you have read and understood the terms and you have accepted to abide by them.

You shall only use this website for the purpose and only as guided by our terms. It is therefore understood that by using this website you have agreed on the terms and conditions set herein and you understand them.

In case of any terms that may not be clearly understood, we recommend that you contact us for further information and guidance.

1. Information provided

We have made reasonable steps to display our products accurately though we do not guarantee that the price, description and the product colour is complete accurate and free of any error.

Errors may occur due to circumstances which might be beyond our control. However such cases if any would be minimal and we undertake to regularly review our products with the view of realizing such errors.

In case of circumstances that may pose doubts to our customers, we encourage customers to confirm to our representative for clarity and further guidance.

Any error that might be identified will be corrected and necessary adjustments made and if this error may affect the price we will adequately notify the customer before processing of the order where an order has already been received or we may process the order accepting the wrong price.

Where the error shall relate to classifications of products, reclassification will be done and where any customer had placed an order with respect to the product affected, the processing of the order shall not be processed until the customer has been notified of the circumstances and approved the processing of the order.

A customer may be allowed to change the order if the reclassification did affect his order. Such a change will be free.

Our prices may vary between the prices of commodities online and the physical store and as such we are not obliged to quote the same prices.

2. Orders

Order shall be accepted subject to availability of the product and the confirmation of the receipt of the order. Once we receive the order, we shall send a confirmation email indicating that the order has been received through the email address provided by the customer.

The communication of the receipt of the order does not in any way indicate acceptance of the order. We do advice that all orders be sent through our email address provided on this page.

Where the ordered product is not available, we shall communicate to you advising you on the same and we will advise on revision of the product which may be accepted or rejected by the customer. Where the customer rejects the advice on the order, they are free to order for any other product of their choice.

We do not remit the number of the order to be placed and therefore the customer may place as many orders as possible. Where a customer does place more than one order on different items, each order shall be processed as an independent order from the other and where there may be requirement to pay delivery fee the customer shall be liable to pay such fee on all orders placed.

We are not however obliged to accept all orders made where more than one orders are placed and we may therefore accept some and reject others.

After placing the order we reserve the right to either accept or reject the order. An order is accepted after confirmation of availability of the product and verification of customers’ details. Where the customer will not have provided full information on the orders to enable processing the order, processing of the order shall be suspended.

In such a circumstance we shall write an email to the affected customer informing them of the suspension of the order processing and requesting the customer for more information to facilitate the processing of the order. If the customer takes unnecessary delays in providing the additional information required, the order shall lapse and be cancelled. Once the email has been sent to a customer requiring for more information the customer shall be required to furnish such information within a period not exceeding seven days after which the order is cancelled.

Once the order is approved for processing we will process the payment and advise the customer on the same.

We may decline future orders from a customer on the basis of previous experience we have had with the customer e.g. where there has been a previous claim for not delivering goods ordered or failure to return goods on time after becoming due for return.

When placing the order, the customer shall be required to fill a delivery schedule which shall indicate the preferred mode of delivery, days of delivery and the place of delivery.

3. Delivery

Once the order is approved and payment is received. We shall endeavour to deliver the product ordered within the customers preferred days of delivery as indicated in the delivery form. In case of any foreseen delays we shall notify the customers in advance through the email provided to us when placing the order.

We shall also undertake to notify the customer circumstances leading to the delays.

Where the email address provided is wrong, we shall not be liable for any inconveniences which may result due to prior communication of the delays. We do undertake to deliver the product ordered at the physical address indicated in the delivery form.

Where the indicated physical address can not be traced, the product will be deemed to have been delivered to the customer. In such a circumstance we shall communicate to the customers informing them of the situation. If the customer wishes the product to be delivered on any other location within the same area, we shall deliver the product for free.

If the customer is unavailable and the product is returned to us, the customer shall be required to meet any other cost that will relate to the delivery of the said product including the cost of returning the product to us.

We assume that all orders have one or single delivery and therefore all orders will be delivered on the specified delivery point. In case of multiple delivery points the customers are required to specify so when placing the order.

Where the customers fall to specify in case of multiple delivery point the customer shall bear the cost of any additional point of the indicated destination when placing the order.

A customer may change the delivery point as indicated on the delivery schedules at any time before the processing of the order by filling an alternative delivery schedule and informing us of the same.

Where the changes are made before the actual delivery, a customer will not be charged even though the order may have been processed but for those changes which might be made after or when the product is in the process of being delivered, a customer will be charged in accordance with our current policies at that time.

4. Ownership

The ownership of the products ordered shall pass on delivery provided that full payment has been made and received by us.

Where upon delivery the customer request the product to be delivered to another destination, the product shall be considered to have been delivered and the customer shall be fully liable for damages that may result in the course of transit.

Where under these terms the product is considered to have been delivered to the customer, the ownership shall also be deemed to have been passed even though the customer has not taken the possession of the product, and even though the products maybe in our hands, the customer shall be fully liable for the product as if in his hands.

This does not however limit our responsibility to handle the product with due care.

5. Return of product delivered

Upon purchase a customer may return the product delivered if not satisfied with it. The customer may also return the product if as a result of an error the wrong product has been delivered to them.

Where the wrong products were delivered as an error, we shall deliver the right product within the shortest time possible without unnecessary delay.

Where the customer wishes to return a product for another, the customer shall be required to meet the delivery cost of the product earlier delivered.

The acceptance of any product delivered shall be subject to our approval and shall only be notified if returned within seven days upon purchase. If the product is accepted for return, the customer shall only be supplied with another product if they have fulfilled all their obligations under these terms.

On the receipt of the returned goods, we will cancel the hold on the customer’s credit card and the customer shall be notified of the same through an email.

Where a customer wishes to be supplied with an alternative product the customer shall be required to place another order for the desired product which shall be subject to our terms. Customers are not guaranteed of the approval of such an order and can either be accepted or rejected.

On delivery, the customer will be required to inspect the products supplied to confirm that they are in accordance with the specifications of the order.

A customer may cancel the delivery of the order at any time before delivery of the product by contacting us. Where a customer wishes to cancel the delivery of the order after delivery or where it is in the process of being delivered, the customer shall be required to send the product back to us in accordance with our policies.

We may suspend delivery of the order, we shall write to the customer informing him of the same and reasons to suspend the delivery. We shall also advise the customer on what they are required to do before we can deliver the product order. The customers will be expected to act on the reasons within a period not more than seven days failure of which we shall not be held liable for non delivery of the product ordered.

6. Payment

We will not be liable for the money that is paid contrary to our policies.

The customers’ orders will only be processed after payment has been confirmed. Where delivery has been suspended and payment was already received, the money paid less administration fee that is charged in accordance to our policies will be refunded to the customer if the customer is not willing to purchase any other product.

All payments should be made through the means indicated on our page. We will not be held liable for the payment that is made contrary to the mode of payment advised.

Where taxes are applicable, the customer shall be solely responsible for the payment of such taxes.

Where the products are delivered but the customer declines to accept them, the customer shall be liable to pay the delivery fee for the products we delivered as agreed and on the delivery point agreed.

7. Warranties

We guarantee privacy of our customer and customer information and such information will not be disclosed to a third party.

We shall not use the information acquired from customers for any other purpose other than to process the customer orders or cause another person to use the information acquired for such purpose other than the process the customer orders.

We warrant our customers that the products being supplied confirm the customer’s specifications provided on order.

We will not be held liable if the product ordered does not tolerate your eyes if the product supplied was in accordance with the product ordered. We however do provide a two months warranty on lenses to a prescription obtained from us.

We also offer six months warranty on any manufacturers defects on the frames. This warranty does not however arise in cases of negligence of the customer or where a third party tries to alter the products.

We do not provide any warranty for ordinary wear and tear or damages which may arise as a result of an accident. In case of any problems with your frame or lenses, we welcome you to visit our practice.

We shall not be liable for any damages of the product after the product has been delivered to the customer.

We warrant that all products supplied are genuine products from our manufactures and they are supplied with no knowledge of defects.

We warrant that all repairs and upgrades are covered for any defects arising from manufacturing for the specified period.

The warranties only protect the original owner and we cannot be held liable in case where the product has been sold or transferred to someone else.

Unless otherwise agreed, the warranties cover all our products.

We shall not be liable for any events which might be out of our control in discharging this contract. We warrant that we shall ensure reliable services in accordance with our policies and terms.

8. Rights of third party

This agreement only affects those who are party to it and a third party will therefore have no right or remedy on the basis of this site. We therefore accept no remedy from a third party with which we have no contractual relationship.

9. Use of this site

The use of this site must only be for the purposes specified and shall not be for any unlawful activity. You must not for commercial purposes use the information in this page without prior consent. You have no authority without consent to copy right, transfer and broadcast, transmit or store the information on this page.

We authorize the printing of the information on this page for personal use and the material not being altered in any form.

Any information printed from this page shall not be sold or transferred.

We have the right to cooperate with the authority in any law enforcement from all jurisdictions.

By the use of this website, it is deemed that you have read, understood and agreed on the terms and conditions set their in.

We reserve the rights to vary the contents of this website without any notice thereof. We do also have the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time as me may deem it necessary to improve our services.

When the terms are varied the customers will be bound by the varied terms as if originally contained in our terms policy. Any processing of orders after the varying of the terms shall be in accordance with the news terms.

We have the right to include any other information from other sites that we may consider beneficial to our customers.

10. Liability and governing laws

We are not liable for any negligence which may be caused by a third party in the absence of any breach of duty on our part.

We are not liable for any unforeseen damages that might be caused by use of reliance of the information provided on this website.

We will not be liable for any suspension, discontinuation of modification of this website.

We shall not be liable for any failures or delays you may experience while using this site.

We shall not be liable for any virus or any other disabling features that may affect your computer while accessing this site.

This agreement is governed by the relevant laws and therefore has a backing of legal provision.

11. Transfer of rights and duties and circumstances beyond our control.

The contract created there is in binding on us and you, and our representatives and agents.

No liability or duty created under this contract may be assigned to another person unless under the existing laws by you.

We may assign any liability or duty created under this contact.

We shall not be liable for any activity or circumstance that is beyond our control or any loss you may suffer as a result there to.

12. Rights to vary these terms

We have the sole right to vary these terms without being required to consult or to give any notice thereof. The contract created there in is express and not a written agreement. The terms varied shall also form part of the contract thereby created.